Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Now.

I've learned something about myself recently. And I think we all tend to do the same thing in some sort of way. I tend to focus a lot on the future.

What will happen this weekend?
How will my date go?
Will I get all my studying I planned on doing done?
What will my classes be like next semester?
Will they be easier and less time consuming?
Should I look into adding different classes?
Will I get into my program?
Am I sure this is the career I want to have?
Will I be able to pay all my bills this month?
What will my internship be like this summer?

I get so caught up in tomorrow or this weekend or next semester or next summer that I forget about making today worthwhile. It's so important to look for the good. I could complain about so many different things that are going INCREDIBLY wrong right now - but where does that get me? Frustrated and overwhelmed.

I'm trying so hard to fix all the struggles I'm going through that I'm not even looking at all the good I've got going on now. But instead of trying to fix all the struggles...maybe I should let those struggles fix me. The point of this life is to grow and become as close to perfect as we can be.

The main reason, at least I think, that we keep looking to the future is because we hope that future won't have as many ups and downs.

I remember thinking that once I got to college I wouldn't have my parents watching my every move and I would get to experience a lot of new things. But what I didn't really consider was how difficult school would be or how paying bills each month can be a stretch with how tight money is. So when we think about having a boyfriend or graduating from college we tend to think about all the good and wonderful things that Disney is so good at helping us remember but ALL too quickly we don't even consider the new complications that'll come into our lives WITH those new and exciting phases.

so instead of trying SO hard to change the scenery and looking for the next new great thing

...just stop...

stop and shine some new light on the scenery you already have.

Focusing on overcoming the struggles we're facing now is plenty enough to think about.

Just a few of my thoughts.

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  1. can i just say that you and i are seriously kindred spirits? i am the exact same in this respect. thank you for shining some light on my life. seriously, exactly what i needed to read right now.